Top Ten Reasons to Join

Why Choose New World University?

There are over ten thousand universities in the world. Out of all of them, why should you choose New World University? Here are our top ten reasons for you to consider joining our academic community:

  1. As a non-profit organisation, our mission is to deliver a quality higher education at a price that students in economically developing countries can afford. And our costs are very low — one can complete a Bachelor’s degree programme through us from start to finish for as little as $900!
  2. We offer as much support as you need while still allowing you to go at your own pace. If you’re capable of learning rapidly, or if you simply want to take examinations to earn credit for what you already know, you can complete a degree or other qualification very quickly. If you want to take your time and need to ask your tutors many questions in order to thoroughly understand the material you’re learning, that’s fine too.
  3. At New World University, you can start your studies whenever you’re ready. There’s no special start date that may only happen once or twice per year, and there are no application deadlines. There’s also no application fee, so there’s nothing standing between you and joining our academic community!
  4. As a private institution, we have complete control over our own administration. You don’t have to worry about our faculty members going on strike, whether civil disturbances or other inconveniences will close our doors, or whether a cut in government spending will shutter our programmes. With New World University, you can rely on our being here for you.
  5. In a number of world cities, we’ve partnered with study centres who can offer you access to the Internet at a reasonable cost, classroom-based instruction, in-person tutoring, and other services such as proctoring for your examinations. That way you have all the convenience you need without having to feel you’re going it alone.
  6. Because we seek out students from many different countries, you’ll have the opportunity to network internationally on our discussion forums and social media groups. In an increasingly globalised world, you can develop a network of colleagues that may serve you well in the years to come.
  7. English is our language of instruction, and we leave it to you to decide whether your familiarity with the language is sufficient for study at the university level. If you can read and understand our web site, you should have sufficient command of English to begin your studies.
  8. Our materials and examinations are specifically chosen and designed to match the contexts found in economically developing countries. You won’t have to wonder whether what you are learning will really be useful to you.
  9. All of the tutors who are available to answer your questions are qualified faculty members. They hold at least a Master’s degree and most hold doctorates. All are either native speakers of English or else have an equivalent level of fluency.
  10. There are no ongoing commitments. You can study a single course to start, and if you decide New World University isn’t right for you, simply discontinue without any expense. You have nothing to lose!

Still unsure? Why not contact us and have a conversation to see whether we might be an ideal solution?