Help Us Create Mobile-Friendly Textbooks!

Mobile learning

All of the textbooks that we use are available in PDF format. That format is fine for students who have access to a desktop computer or a large enough laptop. But as we move forward we anticipate that many students may want to be able to study using mobile devices. On smaller screens, PDF documents can be difficult or inconvenient to read.

To help those students, through our Free Curricula Centre we’ve decided to convert all of the textbooks we use to a mobile-friendly format called EPUB and offer those versions alongside the PDF versions. The conversion process isn’t difficult, but it does take a little time, and it takes a keen eye for detail so that any small presentation errors in the EPUB version can be corrected. If you’re willing to help, please let us know. If you volunteer with us you can rest assured that all of your works will be placed in a publicly accessible area here at the Free Curricula Centre, meaning that not only will our students be able to take advantage of them, but also any student anywhere who would like to learn for free using their mobile device. And if you’re willing to help enough, we can establish an internship so that you can bolster your CV or potentially even earn university credit for free!

To learn more, please email us at