International Day to Protect Education from Attack

Today, 9th September, is the first anniversary of the International Day to Protect Education from Attack. As Wikipedia explains:

The International Day to Protect Education from Attack is an international observance established by a unanimous decision of the United Nations General Assembly in 2020. It is observed on September 9 of each year. The day generates attention to attacks on students, teachers, and education institutions during armed conflict, the use of schools for military purposes, as well as efforts aimed at promoting and protecting the right to education and facilitating the continuation of education in armed conflict, including the Safe Schools Declaration.

We want to take this opportunity to express solidarity with our brothers and sisters in education who persevere in this noble vocation despite threats to their wellbeing. Education is an indispensable component of a better life, and our vision is that of a world in which all have access to as much education as they require to reach their potential.

We reject all those who would seek to deny education to anyone — boy or girl, man or woman — through force or other coercion. On this day, and every other, let us join hands to protect education from attack.