Programmes in business are the most common found among universities that offer open and distance learning. You have many choices when it comes to where to earn your Bachelor’s degree or other qualification. Why choose one of New World Unversity’s programmes in Business Administration and Entrepreneurship?

There are three things that set our experience apart from all the others:

Entrepreneurship focus. It’s not always realistic to carve out a career path within large companies. Sometimes the entrepreneurial skills that it takes to start one’s own firm are the ones that lead to the most successful future. And even within large companies, the sort of creativity that the entrepreneur’s mindset brings can be valuable.

Strategic thinking. It’s not enough to be able to simply follow directions. To truly succeed in a competitive environment, you must be able to act in a strategic fashion, and that means having developed your critical thinking skills. You must not only be a professional, you must be an innovator.

International approach. The twenty-first century is one of globalisation. It’s best to be ready for international challenges from the start.