Respecting Students as Equal Partners

chalkboard with the word English written on it

We were very glad to note recently that some universities in countries in the Global North are finally figuring out that students in English-speaking countries in the South should be admitted without subjecting them to burdensome language testing:

As usual, our approach is more student friendly. We believe that university students are capable of making decisions about their own education, so we allow any student to enrol so long as they believe that they are prepared to get something positive out of their experience with us. Our job is to educate, not to gatekeep.

Now, at many universities this might be a problem, because students would have to pay to find out whether they were truly ready to have that academic experience. And for many students in the Global South, that expense is a big risk, even just an admission fee. But since we make our course materials available without charge, prospective students can take a look at them on their own, and from that review make an informed decision whether we are right for them — without risking even a penny.