World Access to Higher Education Day 2021

On this fourth iteration of World Access to Higher Education Day, we’d like to celebrate our faculty members, partner organisations, and all around the world who are doing their best to make higher education available to all who can benefit from it.

The day was organised by the UK’s National Education Opportunities Network, which explains:

The terms and definitions used to describe access to higher education and widening access are often varied. But it is important that ‘access to higher education’ should not simply mean entering higher education. A person from a marginalised group may be able to enter higher education but could have fewer options in doing so, have difficulties completing their course, find themselves unable to achieve a comparable level of attainment to other students and then struggle to get a good job. Access to higher education should include the completion of quality higher education and progression into post-higher education study or work.

Our mission recognises this, that as important as access to higher education is, it is just the beginning of what is needed to help ensure that students reach their personal, professional, and academic goals. We look forward to continuing the pursuit of that mission.